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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Christy I.

Enchanted Mama, we need a phone call, a catch up time, a reconnect together. You are asking a question that I struggle with on a daily basis. I see the boys growing up so quickly. Almost as tall as me (I know... but they are only 9 and 10)!!!, feet bigger than mine and yet so sweet and innocent. Just loving them and wanting to hit the "pause" button. Yet, driven to make that list and get stuff done! Let's debate this, talk about this, and answer one of life's toughest questions shall we? Sending love to you and a little rain shine from sunny Cali. 75 and gorgeous (of course ;-)



Absolutely! I'd love to chat about that and all things family. Love to you! The weather...well you can't beat sunny California! p.s. I won't say anything about your boys being taller than you mama though you knew it was bound to happen, sooner rather than later, their papa's pretty tall himself. My girlie is an inch from my height and wearing my shoes! How about that?!!?! I'm here all week so yes! lets chat soon.

Christy I.

Enchanted Mama... thank you for the debate of one of life's biggest questions... to achieve balance. Let's keep the brainstorming going!!! Maybe one of these days we will find the "answer". Sending xxoo



I'm with you on the destuffing! Hope it's going well. Your "today" sounds so lovely.

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