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Thursday, July 12, 2012


Christy I.

TOTALLY WORTH IT! Great idea Enchanted Mama and Big Daddy. I'm so proud of your bravery...

By the way... send over that recipe!


Angie S.

Just plain awesome! It's nice to not say no sometimes.


Absolutely I'll send the recipe right over. Are you going to try this with your boys?


Thank you! It did feel good to not say "No". I believe I might try it more often.


This completely made my day, because while its something we haven't done...it's totally something we
Would do, I love it. I also love the no "no's" at the table

Christy I.

Once I get the recipe I promise to do this with the boys!!!!

Send it over! Love and miss you,

Sunshine Mama

OK, I am so one of those people that would want to look away after seeing the first picture... I almost did. But then I kept looking and reading, and started smiling and giggling. I am now deciding to step out of my comfort zone and will do this with the kids this summer. I tend to be pretty controlling at times, so this will be a great exercise in letting go. THank you so much for sharing this!


Oh, I'm so glad you will give it a try. More often these days I like to step out of my comfort zone. There seems to be much joy to be had when I do. So happy that you are inspired to do so as well! Love to know how it goes.

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