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Monday, May 21, 2012


Lise Meijer

Hi Kellen. I just visited because I read your wonderful changing places story at Helen´s site (mine will be up today :-)and I almost froze but in a good way. When I saw this post and pic´s it was like seing a glimpse my own life . I went to a waldorf school myself and so did my 4 younger siblings, and your beautyful post shows so well the feeling of that togetherness in music and dance.

Now our two children (9 and 6) also go to a waldorf school and I so often get tears in my eyes during the celebratons. They do manage to give somthing very clean and profound in life a safe home there, and for that I am super grateful.

I totally enjoyed browsing around here - what a marvellours job you do with images and words!
Sweet spring-greetings go you! Lise.


This makes me wish I had gone to a Waldorf school. I like that this is encouraged, not completely stamped out and ridiculed. And yes, flower crowns should be worn all the time. :)


Lise, it's so nice to have you visit. I love knowing that my images remind you of beautiful times in your life. Waldorf Schooling is a special opportunity for the children as well as the adults. I know that I still get teary with the celebrations. Something so sweet and pure about them all. Thank you so much for visiting. I'll look forward to reading your Changing Places story.


I believe most of the parents who send their children to Waldorf school wish they themselves had been able to attend. Vicariously, I suppose we do. The flower crowns--I think it might be up to you and me to start a new trend Phoe!


Hi Kellen, I'm a Waldorf teacher, and I must say that your school always seems to put on such spectacular celebrations. I was inspired by your school's dragon bread that we made it for Lunar New Year (year of the dragon)this year. What Waldorf school is it?

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