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Tuesday, August 16, 2011



Great idea! I need to do this with my floss ASAP. As for what else to wrap, how about baker's twine? :)

Sara Rivka

this is not only gorgeous but so practical! i totally understand your delight in coming up with something so simply lovely!
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This is great for scrapbookers' ribbon stash, too-- no ironing necessary!

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Stroke of genius! Love it!




I'd use it for the end of sock yarn skeins to keep neat after finishing a pair of socks. Also, you could use them for bobbled for intarsia knitting. Such an adorable, practical and cool idea!!


Great post!


I'm going to use this idea for my ribbons...

pat henshaw

why not glue them on cards to give then a change and colour xx


Still involves a lot of patience

Heather Borthwick

Brilliant idea! I'll go take the washing down! lol


We need more art to do with cloth pins. I have so many cloth pins I don't know what to do with them.

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