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Monday, October 25, 2010



We're planning on making cranberry chutney for our gifts if we can find a place that does cranberries in bulk in the UK.

julianna smith

What a brilliant idea! We are a crafty bunch here, too, and I wish I knew what I was making already. I'm determined not to wait until the last minute this year!


We too are in the pursuit of a handmade holiday . . . though, we're including being able to purchase other handmade items (etsy). Or, if we need some supplies perhaps, we'll purchase them from local small business . . .es (like the lumberyard down the road or the tiny yarn store in the next town over . . . we've even found etsy to have some special handmade supplies and even some vintage items to be repurposed . . .

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

I commend you! I usually make lots of gifts, but I don't think I've ever made them ALL. Soap-making and chocolate-making usually figure large when it comes to gift-making here...

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