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Tuesday, November 17, 2009



Thinking....about starting a blog

sustainable suburbanite

loving your blog and how you inspire me everyday. can't wait to see you again in june. happy day.


Today I am working in my studio, I took the time to clean it last night and I feel like it is sparkling this morning. I was feeling stuck in a painting, hoping that refreshing my space will do the trick. Thanks so much for the little package of treats that arrived, so exciting. We loved the little stamped books, and my kids were very happy to have the lollipops. I also saved that pretty yarn ribbon. Thanks so much for my prize!


Today I am still avoiding enumerating all the projects I have in mind for the holidays, and all the tasks I still have to complete for Winter Faire, and remembering to order my Thanksgiving turkey before next Wednesday ... And I'm so inspired by your blog -- as usual. Thank you!


Today I am trying to knockout the tail end of a migraine, ugh. Then I really need to sit down and write a list of what all I need to do before Christmas, so that I can realistically see what I can and can't do. If my book gets here in the mail though, I will be making a cup of tea and reading while the kids are down and the rest of my plans can wait until tomorrow.

julianna smith

Thinking about starting laundry but probably will work on a new shirt for my little guy instead. Why is it so hard to do things we know we are supposed to do?!

Loving your blog!


Today I am looking all over the office for a paper we so desperately need. But taking a minute to peek at your blog to fufill my creative side. Those flowers are adorable.


Loving your little knit flowers
Writing--and procrastinating writing.


I am busy for our school's christmas fair too (winter elf creating) and in the process of pairing down my list so that all the creating stays enjoyable. Our christmas fair has a lovely market full of hand made items that will help with my christmas list. If it can't be hand made by me hand made by other local mama's is just as wonderful. The gift of a peaceful happy engaged mama is the number one gift I have put at the top of my christmas list to help keep myself in check.

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