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Thursday, November 05, 2009



Just posted my gnome hat tutorial...I LOVE gnomes!!! Adorable these ones you made. Your kids are sooo lucky, you know that!


What a great tutorial, so fun for kids, thanks for posting it! I love gnome crafts and I see that this could be made into a whole day activity...going to the park searching for pine cones and acorns, coming home making the gnomes! Exciting. Congrats on being mentioned over at Maya's enjoy column, she listed my art there last summer!


What cuties. They are adorable, will have to search for some pinecones. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.


What's not to enjoy? You're absolutely amazing, and I'd love the world to know it! I agree with Silvia about your lucky children! I spent Friday gathering pine cones with my daughter.Sticky business. Ours are quite long and skinny. I like your stout little gnomes, and am wondering how I may reconfigure my cones.hmmm.


Maya, Maybe your gnomes need thick warm coats for those cold eastern winters. That would certainly add some girth to the lot of them. Also, you have a friend who has lots of stout pinecones hmmm, Maybe a west coast east coast swap is in order.

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