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Sunday, November 08, 2009


Kate England | Marmalade Moon

What an inspiring weekend! And I love the pinecone gnomes!


Oh, I wish we still had our farmer's market going on, it only runs from August to the end of September which I think is just way too short. What a great weekend it looks like you had, love the new place for the gnome beard. We've been busy painting and doing demo work and it's still chaotic around here, so back to work.


What a great weekend! And I love that shawl, is it an Ishbel? :)


A lovely, beautiful, colorful weekend!


Wow what a nice crafty and healthy weekend. I made long, important lists in my wonderful mushroom notepad, finished up last minute Birthday to-do's and meticulously glued and placed stove burners (round tiles) on Journey's stove in her treehouse while Dad finished up the sink with the funnel drain. Beautiful weather for such things.


The shawl is hopefully going to be an Ishbel, Phoe. If I can finish in time. Or just a simple shawl and let the yarn speak for itself.


Because of schedules our weekend ends today and my favorite part of it was the tossing games we played with a bunch of felt that just arrived in the mail. The colors were beautiful and the upturned faces of my kids as they laughed and threw them in the air. So very fun! I love the pinecone gnomes too! Now I just have to figure out if spruce cone gnomes are possible. Thanks for the idea!

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