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Monday, November 16, 2009


Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Love these, Kellen. What a great idea! We'll definitely be turning some of these out at Dixon Hill over the next few months. Thanks for the inspiration. :)


Kellen, these are *so* wonderful! Thanks very much for the tutorial. I'm planning to make some as xmas presents now--many thanks for the idea and taking the time to share!

Mousy Brown

These are so perfect! I have given my little one, one final day off school to fully recover from the dreaded piggy flu (I like them to have a full day ok at home before sending them back) and had promised we would do something crafty- can you guess what we will be doing today? Would love to post about it when we are done and link to you - would that be ok? :)


What wonderful little books!


These would be great for stocking stuffers, thanks so much for the tutorial. We will definitely be making some, just need to find some wool felt.

Christine C.

Hello lovely...you are amazing! These are so beautiful...and I love your new header! Very fall-ish and festive!


Oh.My.Goodness. I am just loving these books! In the winter months I like to break out the felt and go crazy with crafts, I just started this weekend, and blogged about the cute hat that I decorated for my daughter. These will definitely be on my list to make!

Account Deleted

these I love Kellen... Thank you for the inspiration! I will set out to do some for the kids!


So beautiful. Okay, too much work to type in 'en' in my browser, so you now have a button on my bookmark toolbar. Thanks for all the beautiful photos and inspiration.

Paper Punchers

This would be a great family project. I'd be nice to try using plastic photo sheets and turn it into a mini album.


I can just see these in the christmas stockings or the last minute surprise gift or the well done and good job gift ...male or female young or old what a great "UNI" gift

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the sleepy time gal

beautiful felt books! i love how small they are. brilliant!

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