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Monday, October 05, 2009


urban organica

Pretty Please!! I am inspired right now by a combination of the "Fishies," my fellow students in The Fish bowl at www.CreativeThursday.com, & their reflections on the question, Why do you love what you create? By the book The Family Virtues Guide, & how my 3 young boys are understanding, practicing & calling upon their "Angels" of tact, assertiveness & patience. By a new tribe of blogging homeschoolers that have formed here in Northern California, & the tight bond that is trickling magic into the rest of our lives. And by Fall, a season that refreshes, lifts & cheers me to no end. Happiness in the form of warm colors, an open fire, hot cider & simmering soups. And the promise of raking as a family. A strange bit of bliss I could not have imagined. I have been eyeing these books for the longest time. I would absolutely love to have them, & to write you a love letter of how they've inspired me & worked their way into my home, my blog & our waldorf life-learning.


I don't want to sound too cheese but what inspires me most is this wonderful-mummies-blogging-world I only recently discovered... In Italy (where I live with my english husband and a 1 and a half year old boy) blogging is SO NOT famous yet!
Encouragement, ideas, shared experiences and so on are vital for me. I crave my daily feeds and I feel part of a world of ever changing, developing and forward thinking minds.
I am ready to be even more inspired if I'll be soooo lucky to win this lovely giveaway...
Thanks for the chance to share my thoughts. Love from still sunny-warm-no autumn yet Italia!

Amy Reads Good Books

Such a lovely blog. Congrats on 100 posts!


You have just inspired me to change what I call "blog surfing" to "inspiration surfing." I'm always inspired by what I see people doing - crafting, serving, living.


I have been getting the Daily Generous Wife Tips in my blogfeed lately and find some of them to be quite inspirational for the day-to-day, and to pause and think how a generous nature is a choice you make again and a again. I've also been inspired by other bloggers like yourself! Bloggers who find wonder in the day-to-day. People i know irl have commented on the fact that on facebook albums I have some of the most inane everyday things/moments photographed and preserved and they ask how I manage to take pictures of these things and realize that someday I may treasure them. If I really think about it, it's the other moms in the blogosphere, moms like you, that have influenced my tendancy to treasure the mundane moments with my little girl as the treasures that they are, and to appreciate them now and not just when she is grown and i am looking back wistfully!


Lovely blog! Congrats on your 100th post. I have been inspired most recently by the second class in The Fishbowl. My word, my brain hasn't stopped yet!


I am so happy to have come across your blog. I just adore it!

Lately I have been inspired by the crispness in the air. More candles, fire in the fireplace, new curtains to make, muffins to bake, caramel corn to be made, scarves to be worn, blankets added to the bed, earlier bed times, tea at all hours...


I'm inspired by The Creative Mama (http://creativemama.com) it just started up again, there was a post today about making your own butter, it's something I really want to do!

Thanks for this fun giveaway! I hope I can get my hands on those books


Love, love your blog.
I am so inspired by this time of year. The myriad of colors, from the leaves to the grasses to the clouds at sunset. Inspired to cook, inspired to knit and inspired to use my God given gift of creativity. And the gratitude of this time of year, oh my.....everything I've done, everywhere I've been, everyone
I've spent time with and the people I have met throughout the year all seem to reflect in the flames of the fire that are lit in the early morning hours of dawn. That is truly my inspiration. LIFE!


When I was a young mother I went to coffees and Tupperware parties and had potlucks with other young families to get a chance to feel nurtured in my mothering and not so alone. I am inspired that there are so many enchanted mommies out there reaching to each other through this thoroughly modern medium. The internet to connect to crafts and foods and being a family.

Sunshine and happiness

Love your giveaway. I am inspired by wonderful husband with whom I just celebrated 19 years since our first date tonight and our creative friend tom who has designed my new beautiful kitchen. That is in working order today. Thank you!!!

Mousy Brown

I love your blog - congratulations on 100 posts! I am hugely inspired at the moment by all those wonderful sites on the sidebar in the fishbowl - so many new things to see - so many new people to meet! I am swimming my way slowly down the list and diving in to all that inspiration!


My beloved Grandma passed away this past spring. At the end, when she was too sick to leave her bed, I would sit in her room and knit or sew and chat with her, or just be quiet as she rested. I miss her so much, but I'm finding some comfort in my sewing. As I stitch, I think of her, and imagine the conversations we would be having at this time. So I guess you could say that I continue to be inspired by my Grandma. I hope I always am.


Congratulations on 100 posts. I've been so inspired by woman just like you, who take a little time out of their days to share a bit of their lives. Thank you for offering even more inspiration!


What a delightful giveaway. Congratulations on 100 posts!!!! Now 102 since I'm so late to comment.:-) First I'm inspired by the crisp fall air, the beautiful colors in the trees, shrubs and grasses and the deep blue in the sky. I love the fall! Of course I'm inspired by good friends to be with, talking, knitting, laughing, quietly knitting (well, sometimes that happens), knitting more ...

I'm also inspired by some beautiful fabrics:

By learning how to communicate better with my children, and others:

By cooking:

And I'm inspired by your divine blog.


My husband died suddenly this past December. I have three children ages 8,6, and 2. We always worked together on everything. He was such a creative person and together we made such a great team. I knew him half my life (this November I will be 30...oh my!) I am facing many challenges with everyday life but trying to stay focused on the children.
I would have to say that he continues to inpsire me and the children keep me going. I am so honored to spend my days with them!
Thank you so much for the chance to win.


I am new to your blog and really enjoy reading. What inspires me currently is walking through thrift stores and picking out pieces of fabric and vintage sheets and pillowcases. I bring them all home with high hopes for what they will become. I am teaching myself to sew so that I can make my home more homey and hopefully create some treasures that our family will cherish for years to come.

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