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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Sunshine Mama

Sounds heavenly! My summer vacation didn't actually start until my son finished school last week. It felt like we had been running a marathon until then between school, moving into our new house, sports and my part time job. Now that's schools out and I only have a few small shifts of work before being done for the entire summer, life is slowing down. So far, it's been having friends over, turning on the sprinklers and working on a few things to make our new house a home. But the summer fun is just beginning, and I can tell it's going to be a great one!


I hear you. I actually feel as though summer is half over even though it's not. There's such a rush at the end of school and with our out-of-town trip immediately following I feel as though we are just getting warmed up to summer at this point. I'm glad to hear your summer fun has started as well. Have fun with your new home! Thank you for the glimpse.

Christy I.

What do you do with the squash blossoms enchanted mama?


It's quite healthy Christine...We stare at their beauty for awhile then stuff them with cheese and cover them with tempora and pan fry them. Oh my. They are delicious and luckily you don't need more than two! Worth trying.

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