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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Oh, I LOVE Little Women - it never gets old!

A joy to have you visiting Dixon Hill today. Many thanks, Kellen! xx

amanda {the habit of being}

i knit the featherweight and then promptly frogged it. my yarn was too heavy, it didn't drape. totally knitter error ;-)

little women is so good! my daughter is reading it now and really enjoying it. the hedgehog...i've had that book for ages now and tried to read it once and couldn't get into it. does it get better? or maybe like you, i was reading it in the summer and was distracted...maybe it's an autumnal read?


So far I'm loving the drape on the featherweight. We'll see though. as they always looks a bit different once it's on. Sorry you had to frog yours...that's a lot of stitches as my husband says.
I believe you may be right about the Hedgehog. It may just be an Autumn read. I'll keep that in mind if I continue to put it down.

Erin @ Wild Whispers

I didn't find Elegance of the Hedgehog particularly captivating either. I hope you can get into it!


Loved little women, each time I have read it...and what a great colour that yarn is!!


I hear you on the Elegance! I like to read a chapter of it here and there, lots to ponder. I have a feeling it will start to get intense as I get further along.

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