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Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Sunshine Mama

What an amazing handmade holiday!! Everyone has put so much thought into it, it's got to be the greatest feeling to see something siblings have made for each other! I also did a handmade holiday this year (for the first time) and plan on having the kids participate as well for the holiday 2012. Your wooden centre piece is absolutely amazing by the way! You are one lucky mama :)

Christy I.

What a BEAUTIFUL holiday Enchanted Mama.... I love each gift, the thought behind it, and can just visualize the happy fingers at work. You are doing such a wonderful job...


Hurry up, Light. I wanna see the steeking!!!


YOU and your family always leave me amazed! Happy New Year Kellen! I can't believe I might actually see you in a few months! I am beyond exited! Hugging you will be one of the highlights of June, I am certain!!!!

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Loved reading this round up. What a fantastic tradition you've created, Kellen! Truly inspiring. xx

Name Badges

Your handmade holiday gift ideas are absolutely fantastic. Lovely display! Agree. “The love that he put into this project is what makes me smile and the fact that this is so much better than I could have even imagined."

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