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Wednesday, December 14, 2011



Congratulation to your daughter on her big achievement. The bracelets look wonderful.
And congratulation to you on letting her do it! I know just how tough that can be.
Great job for both of you and thank you for sharing.

amanda {the habit of being}

love that she did this! and kudos to you for being such an encouragement to her. those bracelets look so sweet...i'm sure my two girls would've snatched a couple up at the craft fair :)

Christy I.

I'm proud of your girlie too! She reminds me of a young girl I once knew... sitting at that machine crafting with her beautiful mama. A mama that I adored and loved as well. Congratulations on passing on your "traditions" from your angel above. Love you.

Helen (Dixon Hill Girl)

Wonderful story and wonderful bracelets! Clearly following in mama's footsteps!


Thank you Helen! You are always so sweet.


Yes, a full circle I would say. Amazing to be the mama in this story as I recognized myself in her so many times...her excitement, her wide eyes toward the fabric stash, etc. Love to you Christine!


You let me know Amanda, I'm sure we could arrange for two bracelets to head your way! Thank you for your kind words.


Natalie, It's always nice to hear from lovely people such as yourself. I will tell my daughter you thought she did well. Thank you!

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