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Monday, November 07, 2011



As good as the food looks, what I am drooling over is your collection of pottery bowls:) I think I might just have to try this at home...my family members all like different ingredients in their soup too. We normally just each pick one or two to add to the pot, but it sure would be nice for everyone to have exactly what they want.

Sunshine Mama

Oh. My. Gosh. It all looks absolutely amazing! And it sounds like a perfect way to spend any cool/cold evening. I'll have to do this with my own family! I am actually about to whip up a batch of "cream" of carrot soup this afternoon. I wrote cream in quotation marks, because the soup is actually vegan and uses a few potatoes to thicken it. Once it's all blended, you'd never know it has no cream in it!


Oooohhh, your soup sounds delicious! I'll have to look for the recipe.


Thank you Natalie! I've been collecting bowls for about ten years now. I love them as well. They make things seem so earthy and wonderful. Hope the soup idea works for your family too.

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